Advanced Professional Scene Study for the Camera


I guess it is watch this space.

Scenes Study for Working Actors


We will find our way back to classes 

but don't be afraid to reach out in the mean time.

Planning Ahead 

I miss you all and I'm excited to see you whenever we get that chance.  

I'm here for on- line work if you need me.

Planning Ahead:

This is what we are all doing. and the industry is doing as well.  We need to be ready to go when they say go. 

I'm here for on-line work until we meet again.

Location: Milestone Casting

400 Eastern Avenue Ste 201A

     limit of 10 students

      auditors please call ahead

As actors today we are being asked to perform with a thinner veil between ourselves and our audience than ever before, and to do it all NOW.  The temptation in our struggle to not get “caught acting” is to do nothing, be “natural”.  That’s just another way to hide and a slippery slope to boring.  In class we’ll work on the skills and confidence we need to share all of our humanity through the structure of the text. Building from each actors strengths we’ll find the ways to let go and simply live the life of the character.  

I have a B.A. in theatre from Seattle Pacific Univ. an M.F.A. in Acting from Brandeis Univ..  I’ve studied at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, Empty Space Theatre in Seattle, Pro Actors Lab in Toronto and with many other glorious people along the way.   Working for more than 40 years in theatres big and small, film and tv, teaching privately , in studios, and in colleges all has reinforced my belief each actors process is personal and my job as coach is to help clarify that process so it can deepen and grow.