People's Opinion

Nola Augustson is one of the finest actors that I have ever worked with.  Her understanding of the craft and her ability to communicate about it, make her not only an exceptional actor, but an excellent teacher as well.  Nola’s appreciation of other actors talent and her desire to nurture and work with that talent, is what sets her apart from other acting coaches.    I believe Nola would be an asset in focusing and encouraging the  work of any actor.

Gail Harvey,  Gemini nominated and award winning director



Nola is not a "cookie cutter" acting coach who gets bogged down in the "acting speak" that many do.  When I tape with Nola or coach 1-1, her experience shines through as we go through the relationship and she will touch on things I've completely missed.  Her words will trigger something in me, the talk is over, and we jump right back in and the work has always improved.  After I took time off for personal reasons, the only person I considered to ignite the spark, was Nola.  I trust her that much. Can't forget, Rich, my agent, loves the quality of the tapes I submit and that includes the work that shows in front of the camera.

Shane Daly

I enjoy working on self-tapes and audition prep with Nola. She speaks my language and has a way of coming at the material that is simple, truthful and still contains our human depth and complexity.

Richard Clarkin


"It's all in the discovery when working with Nola - you're digging into the text, unearthing all possibilities and exciting ideas and playing them until a solid baseline is laid out. She's a stellar collaborator, working with you instead of just telling you. It's a creatively heightened experience each time. You walk into the audition on fire."  

Scott McCord

I love taping with Nola. First of all she is warm and professional, and a lovely human being. Second, her set up looks great and her lighting is flattering, which helps indeed.. she also has one of the most competitive rates out there. But what I love most about taping with Nola are her (invited) thoughtful, challenging and inspiring notes. I’m driving the session but I have an excellent coach in my corner. I could not recommend her services her highly enough.

Zoe Doyle

Nola understands that auditioning is an art form unto itself. It goes without saying she brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the work. What is always reassuring is her ability to offer great feedback and direction while letting you as the actor shine. In the end, you will have a product you can be proud of.

John Ralston

Nola is fantastic! Use her every time I need a self tape with a great coach and director. She is insightful, understanding, pragmatic, knowledgeable, intelligent, easy to work with and the product is always good. I highly recommend her.

Allegra Fulton


"Nola's class helped to clarify my process and open new perspectives to help further refine my already existing technique.  This worked to give me a renewed sense of confidence, and this was certainly reflected in subsequent auditions and bookings."

Eli Ham

"Hey Nola, 

Thanks again for two great sessions this past Winter/Spring. I really enjoyed the challenges and learned something every week. You really are an inspiration! Merci ;)"

Debra Hale


Nola is an incredible coach, and I trust her instincts implicitly. Nola works with who you are as an actor and person, never trying to mold you into an idea of what you “should be.” She helps you create grounded, specific performances rooted in relationship that are unique to you. Not only did she reignite my own love of acting, Nola also helped bring me to the next level through her regular scene study classes and her one-on-one coaching. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Working with Nola has been a wonderful experience. She not only has the chops, but the ability to explain her ideas about the scenes and relationships in an actable way.

Martha Girvin

Its refreshing to have an acting coach who is still focused on the acting and the product rather than the product alone.

Coming from a theatre background Nola has expedited my transition to on camera skills with her simple and effective coaching.

Trust me when I say she will truly be in your corner.

Jonathon LeRose

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. you have always been brutally honest with me and i cant thank you enough for it. you truly help rediscover the joy of acting and why i am doing it in the first place. You have helped me in ways that i don’t think you will ever be able to comprehend and i just wanna thank you."     

Soppo Gomez



"I absolutely love your teaching style and I'm so grateful for the new tools I've pick-ed up from working with you one-on-one when it comes to auditioning.  Working with you over the last few months helped me reconnect with my confidence for on-camera work and played a big part in me landing the role of Sister Jackson.  I was able to trust in my instincts and play in the audition room thanks to all your support, teaching and encouragement!"

Krystal Meadows



"I want to thank you for all you are doing for me.  I felt as if I'd lost control of my acting and you are bringing me back.  You are making me feel hopeful again. I appreciate it very much."

Stefanie Drummond