$35/30 MIN.  $70/60 MIN.

"I always welcome the opportunity to make a self tape. Especially because

I know that working with Nola to create one,  guarantees that I am going 

to end up with an audition that showcases my best efforts. And have a very good

chance of getting the job, as has been happily proven and fulfilled in my own experience.

Nola's sensitivity, insight and skills as an actress herself means that her read 

will be strong to play off of and if you want character and choice discussion in 

the process too, you can trust her instincts.  In her space, she creates a supportive

ambience and will light and shoot you to your best advantage and take the time you need to produce your best possible audition. Also her willingness and ease to be available at the often extremely short notice required by casting directors for us to provide these tapes is always a welcome relief."         Jennifer Dale